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Limestone is very popular as a decorative finish for many reasons, most importantly its appearance. Most limestones are generally pale and light in colour, which makes them subtle and easy to blend into any colour scheme. Many people also prefer limestones matt, eggshell finish to the highly polished look of Marble, Granite or Composite Stone.

Limestone and Marble can be similar in appearance, which sometimes results in confusion between the two. This usually occurs when a limestone is particularly hard and can be highly polished, like Marble. Generally though, most limestones cannot take a high gloss polish, hence their matt finish.

Limestones are quite different from Marble geologically, being sedimentary stones formed from the floors of shallow tropical seas. This is why you will often find skeletons and shells of sea animals and ooliths (tiny spheres of sand) in some limestones - another reason why limestone is considered attractive and interesting.

Limestone is available in a variety of colours and, whilst light beige is predominant, yellows, pinks, browns and reds are also popular