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Terrazzo and Concrete were first developed by the Romans and then by artisans in the Friuli-Venezia-Giulia region of Italy. Many terrazzo floors and concrete structures that were created hundreds of years ago still exist in almost perfect condition today – a fitting tribute to both the expertise of the craftsmen and the amazing durability of these materials.

Concrete is currently enjoying a healthy renaissance in interior design and is in high demand as people become more aware of the attractive aspects of concrete and concrete design.

Both terrazzo and concrete are essentially a mixture of cement and natural stone aggregates. They are exceptionally versatile products and almost infinite variations in appearance and texture can be achieved. The background matrix of cement can be tinted to match most colours and although natural stone is the most common aggregate used, other items can also be added such as Venetian glass (smalto); coloured glass; stainless steel, bronze and other metals; marble and glass mosaics; fossils; seashells and many more. Surface finishes can be rough, textured, smooth or polished.

Terrazzo and concrete form is a wonderful contradiction, being both fluid and solid. It is essentially liquid stone that can be moulded into many different shapes, thus providing many design possibilities for the innovative and creative mind.

Due to the specialised nature of terrazzo and concrete products, they are all prefabricated in QM’s dedicated factory, rather than casting them on site. This avoids the need for bulky shuttering works and the inevitably lengthy and messy mixing, pouring and curing processes. Installation is a simple, quick and clean affair.