Quality Marble
marble terrazzo concrete


Special commissions are a fundamental part of QM's portfolio and demonstrate QM's ability to push both design and manufacturing boundaries to the limit. Architects, designers and artists are encouraged to discuss their ideas with QM's design team at concept stage. This initial consultation often proves useful in providing information concerning technical details, suitability of materials and approximate costs.

Working with versatile materials like terrazzo, concrete and mosaic allows enormous scope for QM and the designer to create visually stunning effects. Treated essentially as a "liquid stone", these materials are fluid and flexible and can be moulded into the most intricate of shapes, thereby encouraging the use of complex, curved designs.

A fine example of this concept is "A Carpet for Newcastle". Designed by the artist Thomas Heatherwick, it features beautifully sculptured terrazzo benches that earned the company the coveted Yellow Pencil award for "The Most Outstanding Design For Leisure" in 2003.

QM's renowned "one-stop-shop" approach offers designers a huge choice of materials and colours to work with from subtle natural stones to brightly coloured terrazzo and mosaic. Combining these with other complementary materials such as glass and metal allows truly unique designs to be produced. QM can undertake commissions for both small and large projects – further information available on request.